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RFF & Associados helps in legal issues in Portuguese-speaking countries

     RFF & Associados is the leading Tax Law Firm in Portugal, being a key reference in Portuguese speaking countries due to, among other factors, its dynamism, innovative capacity and the quality of its services. Being the first Portuguese Tax & Business Boutique Law Firm, RFF & Associados put itself on the vanguard of a new and more specialized way of rendering high-quality legal services. In fact, RFF & Associados is committed to the quality and efficiency of the services rendered, acting with the utmost diligence, dedication, enthusiasm and competence, and in strict compliance with the highest moral values and ethical standards. 

     The Firm seeks to anticipate situations, foresee problems and provide competent legal, business and fiscal advice and assistance. In a nutshell, the Firm seeks to foster and provide the proper legal solutions for the very specific needs of each one of its clients, whether they are individual or corporate clients, thus, rendering an high-quality tailor-made service. Moreover, RFF & Associados closely follows the legislative updates and informs its clients and partners accordingly on each relevant development, periodically issuing newsletters, which have become a reference in the Tax field, and organizing seminars, such as an annual debate on the most relevant Tax & Business Law aspects foreseen in the Portuguese State Budget Law Proposal, which in each passing year has gained more attendance, having counted with over 250 applicants in its last edition (2019/2020). As aforementioned, the Firm's base of operations lies within Tax & Business Law, from a Portuguese, European and International perspectives, particularly concerning Taxes & Customs, Social Security and Corporate Law, areas within which it renders legal services on both consultancy and litigation. 

     As part of the services that are closely linked to its core business, the Firm also provides legal services in the fields of Labour Law and Accounting, among others. During the past year RFF & Associados developed the areas of Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity and Foreign Investment by creating a team specialized in this matters. Additionally, it is important to note that RFF & Associados can assure to its clients a multi-jurisdictional advisory approach to their issues, for the Firm has partnerships with Law Firm's all over the world, mainly in Portuguese speaking countries, such as Angola, Mozambique and Brazil, but also in other non-Portuguese speaking countries. Moreover, the Firm's is also a member of several Chambers of Commerce, namely of the PT-US Chamber of Commerce, the Chambre de Commerce et D'Industrie Franco- Portugaise (CCIFP) and, also, the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (PPCC).

     The Firm has not only the expertise but also the experience in providing a framework and support for investment abroad, especially in Portuguese-speaking countries, particularly in Brazil, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde, for it has been involved in many complex operations regarding, namely, foreign investment transactions in a wide range of sectors. Thus, the Firm has consolidated its position as a Leader in Tax matters along the years and achieved, not only the acknowledgment of both the academics and colleagues, but also the recognition of the market and the clients. Indeed, RFF & Associados is organized by areas of expertise, such as Income Taxes and Indirect Taxes, and also Desks (African Desk, Brazilian Desk, French Desk, German Desk, Italian Desk, Scandinavian Desk, UK Desk and USA Desk), type of organization which enables the Firm to give a timely and adequate response to the tax questions and issues raised by the clients, regardless of their specificity and complexity.

KIA MOTORS provides unsurpassed mobility experience 

We at Kia Motors are dedicated to ensuring that driver enjoyment remains a top priority in the coming era of future mobility.

Thanks to advanced technology that identifies your needs and emotional state of mind in real time, Kia strives to deliver a fully customized driving space that leads to a highly intuitive, unsurpassed in-vehicle mobility experience: &

Frutas Patrícia Pilar S.A a trustful supplier of fruit and vegetable

   Frutas Patrícia Pilar S.A is a fruit and vegetable distribution company that favors close cooperation with national producers. The company was born in 1992, in Lourinhã, operating in A-dos-Cunhados, Torres Vedras, since May 2005.

   In 2018, it enters a phase of strong investment and expansion, with the opening of new facilities that represent an increase of 300% in storage, refrigeration and packaging capacity. Aimed at becoming a market leader, along with internationalization, the company counts tomato as its leading product, especially the Plum, Vine and Salad varieties. Frutas Patrícia Pilar SA also invests strongly in the Rocha variety of pear and Royal Gala apple.

   Frutas Patrícia Pilar S.A's new facilities include 30 loading and unloading docks, air-conditioned central aisles and 34 cold rooms, 20 of which are designed for controlled atmosphere storage. The company is, therefore, able to respond to the approximately 150,000 tons of fruit and vegetables it distributes annually, while also expanding its market to products that require special preservation measures. With an especially strong position in the Iberian market, Frutas Patrícia Pilar SA also exports to the rest of Europe, Brazil, and Morocco.

   Currently, Frutas Patrícia Pilar S.A has over employees, a number that is expected to increase due to the significant growth of the company. Its main goal is, according to Patrícia Carmona, "to satisfy the customer with the best products in the market at competitive prices". In partnership with Portugal Fresh, the company expects to attain a more effective promotion of national produce.

Citycoop as a tourism development partner 

   Citycoop was founded in 2018 in the city of Porto with the purpose of contributing to the sustainable development of tourism in the North of Portugal.

HIMEV as a specialist in agricultural and forestry machines

   HIMEV is a Brazilian manufacturing company of agricultural and forestry light and heavy-duty mulchers, with Portuguese and Brazilian Directors and Management. Our machines are competitively priced, prepared to most types of terrains, with low maintenance costs, and are adaptable to suit a whole range of tractors. We help to preserve the environment, in the context of major climate change by promoting the non-use of fire as a means of clearing land, preserving soil nutrients, and conserving soil moisture.

   We offer the right machines for any need in the mulching segment, using innovative technologies that allow customers to have excellent productivity at a low cost. The quality, variability, flexibility, and geometry of our equipment allows us to build solutions tailored to the needs of each client. The success of our company is the result of persistent work in the acquisition of experience and knowledge. Since its foundation, more than fifteen years ago, we have continued to produce the most competitive and reliable agroforestry machines in the Brazilian and other markets, for more than 1200 customers.

   Our growth would not be possible without the input of our partners and customers, extending from agricultural operators, livestock farmers, to energy producers and telecommunications companies, among many others. This sustained and sustainable way of being and growing is only possible through close work, exchange of experiences, seriousness, and commitment.