Address by President V.V. Putin to Russian Citizens


Dear citizens of Russia!

Today, a monument to hundreds of thousands of Soviet soldiers who fought under Rzheva was opened on the Tversky land. They went to battle to live under peaceful sky, work, love, created, proud of Russia - a country of unique civilization and great culture, a country, a country that is connected with fate, hopes, aspirations of many generations of our ancestors. 

We, their heirs, continue this inextricablethousand-year historical path. And we know that when we are together, even in a critical situation we can handle the most complex tasks.

Dear friends, I have asked you more than once on the most important questions for all of us, for our country. Today I think it is necessary to do this again on the eve of the main voting day to amend the Constitution of our country. 

We are not just voting for amendments that are treated to clear legal norms. We vote for the country in which we want to live, with modern education and health care, with reliable social protection of citizens, with effective power, accountable to society. We vote for the country for which we work and which we want to convey to our children and grandchildren. 

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