Argentina signs import contract for Sputnik V Vaccine


By the end of 2020, the country will receive 600.000 doses of the Russian covid-19 vaccine, which will allow 300.000 people to be vaccinated. Between January and February, Russia promises to send another 20 million doses of the vaccine.

The Argentine government signed an agreement with Russia to supply the Russian coronavirus vaccine, Sputnik V. The information was announced by Argentine President Alberto Fernández.

According to the Argentine newspaper Clarín, Fernández stated that by the end of 2021, Argentina will receive 600,000 doses of the vaccine, which will allow 300,000 people to be vaccinated. Another 20 million doses of the Russian vaccine will be delivered to Argentina between January and February 2021, according to the Russian state newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

According to Fernández, Buenos Aires has signed import contracts for different types of vaccines, but the others have not yet received approval from the national drug regulatory agency. Due to complicated logistics, delivery times for other vaccines are unknown and therefore, according to the president, it is crucial to obtain the vaccine that is already in use.