CCILR - General Meeting


Today, on 28 May 2019, was held the General Assembly of the CCILR-Luso-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry , where the governing bodies were elected for the three-year period 2019-2021. The event was attended by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Portugal, his Excellency Mr. Mikhail L. Kamynin, who pointed out that "russian companies will undoubtedly have an interest in accessing the markets of Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa and Latin America. Portuguese companies will be able to secure, through Russia, access to the markets of the Eurasian Union countries" and Mr. Economic Counselor Sergey Baldin reinforced the message that "the Embassy supports the Luso-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which seeks to become another effective institutional body for bilateral economic and trade cooperation".

It is recalled that CCILR was established on 9 May, 2019, an important date for the Russian Federation, the Victory Day, in a favorable political context between both countries (a result of the last intergovernmental meeting, 2018) and at the same time the initiative of a group of Portuguese and Russian entrepreneurs focused on promoting trade relations between both countries. Among others, we highlight GazpromBank, COSEC, Optimistic Plus, Novabase, Positiv Number, Eduardo Serra Jorge & Maria José Garcia-Law Firm, Orangeways, Moneris, Garvetur, TaxLibris and Airelimestones.

This Chamber is a private not-for-profit entity whose main activity is to foster commercial relations between Portuguese-speaking companies and Russian companies, and its main objective is to help companies in their internationalization processesfor the Russian Federation market and for or on the Lusophone market through the various services and network of contacts available to them.

According to Bruno Valverde Cota, the newly elected chairman, "as an entity that aims to help companies expand in the Luso-Russian market, CCILR seeks to be the mirror of fruitful relations maintained between these two friendly countries 240 years ago" .

It is a Bilateral Chamber and has guidelines not only in the economic and multisectoral sphere, but also in the cultural and social field. "They are two different cultures and languages, so rich that we can not remain indifferent," said Bruno Valverde Cota. "We have to promote them, share them and develop concrete actions together with the Authorities of both Countries."




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