First manned space flight


Yuri Gagarin was only 27 years old when he opened the era of manned space flights. His colleague was the first American astronaut to enter Earth orbit, was 40 years and 7 months old, named John Glenn. This flight took place 10 months and 8 days after April 12, 1961.

The first piloted space flight in human history took 106 minutes. According to  documents, published in the book "First manned flight", the rocket was launched at 9:06:59, the descent module landed at 10:48 and the cosmonaut himself landed at 10:53, which is considered the end of the flight.

4725 kilos was the weight of Yuri Gagarin's "Vostok" spacecraft. The American "Mercury" was 3.5 times lighter.

38.36 meters was the height of the "Vostok" launch vehicle. The "Atlas D" rocket that took "Mercury" to orbit was 29.5 meters high.