International public tender for new bridge in the Douro


On March 16, the international public tender for the design of a new bridge over the Douro River, between Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, for the circulation of Metro do Porto was launched.

In the event, in the Gardens of the Crystal Palace, chaired by the Prime Minister, António Costa, with the presence of the Minister for the Environment and Climate Action, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, and the Secretary of State for Mobility, Eduardo Pinheiro, were also presented the works of the Pink and Yellow lines of Metro do Porto.

Under the ideas competition for the new bridge, projects submitted until July 2021 whose previous studies are classified in the first three places, will receive prizes between 50 and 150 thousand euros. The competition jury is composed by 11 members, including architects Eduardo Souto de Moura, Alexandre Alves Costa, Inês Lobo and engineers Júlio Appleton and Rui Calçada. The winning project, who will be awarded the execution of the project for the new bridge, will be known in the second half of this year and the beginning of the works should take place in the first months of 2023.

The new bridge, with a cost estimate of 50 million euros, will be for the exclusive use of the subway, with pedestrian and bicycle routes, connecting Campo Alegre (between the Faculty of Letters and the Faculty of Architecture), to VL8 (next to Arrábida Shopping), in Vila Nova de Gaia.

New Pink Line and extension of the Yellow Line

The new Pink Line of the Metro do Porto will consist of four stations and about three kilometers of road, connecting S. Bento/Praça da Liberdade to Casa da Música, serving the Hospital de Santo António, Pavilhão Rosa Mota, Centro Maternal- Children's and Plaza de Galicia. This line is the beginning of an internal circular that will connect with the rest of the Metro network's axes.

The three-kilometer extension of the Yellow Line will allow the connection of Santo Ovídio to Vila d'Este, reinforcing the Metro's coverage in Vila Nova de Gaia. The project considers three new stations: Manuel Leão, Hospital Santos Silva and Vila d'Este.

The works on the Pink and Yellow lines start now, and will continue until 2023. The global investment in the projects of these two lines is around 407 million euros - including: expropriations, projects, inspection, equipment and systems to support exploration -, financing is provided by the Environmental Fund and European funds under the Operational Program for Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources (POSEUR), managed by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Action.

The interventions on the two lines will give rise, according to the demand studies that dictated these options, to attract 10 million annual clients, with all hospital centers in the Porto Metropolitan Area offering metropolitan public transport.

These works will represent seventeen thousand less cars on the streets of the Porto Metropolitan Area and four thousand tons less polluting emissions per year.

It is recalled that currently the Metro do Porto network is 67 kilometers long, with six lines serving seven municipalities and 82 stations, handling more than 71 million customers annually (figure for 2019, the last year before the pandemic).