Michelin Guide announces the best restaurants in Moscow


The famous French gastronomic guide has selected 69 restaurants in the capital, which nine of them received its coveted stars.

"Moscow has many stars, but no Michelin stars yet," joked Serguêi Sobiânin, the city's mayor, at the opening ceremony of the Michelin edition of Moscow. The capital has historical gastronomic roots. Merchants and nobles spent their last ruble to treat guests with dignity. In Soviet times, many traditions were lost, and first-class restaurants were turned into Soviet canteens. In the 1990s, Moscow (and Russia as a whole) began to recover and hundreds of restaurants sprang up that surprised visitors with the sophistication of their dishes.

Moscow now becomes the first CIS city with restaurants and cafes awarded stars and other Michelin trophies, while Russia has become the 33rd country to join the list.

Why Russia now?

According to Gwendal Poullennec, international director of the Michelin guides, the work on the Moscow guide began five years ago. The experts visited restaurants anonymously and evaluated them according to international standards, based on several criteria: quality of the products, mastery of culinary techniques, the chef's skills, the quality-price ratio, and consistency between restaurant visits. The pandemic made all the difference in the evaluation process and in the dissemination of the results.

"This project was a challenge for all of us because of the pandemic, travel restrictions, and event cancellations. But in the end, we completed it. We are happy to say that Moscow, as one of the cities for gastronomic tourism, has great development prospects. The city certainly has its own culinary identity; many chefs work with local products, preserving the culinary heritage of their region. The first edition in Moscow will include 69 restaurants," Gwendal Pullenek said during the presentation of the guide in Moscow last Thursday (14). According to him, this is just the beginning, which should give extra stimulus to the local restaurant industry.