Portugal creates mask that inactivates the coronavirus, a worldwide innovation


The mask can be washed and has a usage time of at least one year.

In Portugal, businessmen, scientists and academics joined a project to develop the first mask in the world with the capacity to eliminate the new coronavirus. Over the course of two months, several studies were carried out that ended up confirming that the masks are in fact unique in the world.

The masks have been on the market since April, but the test results have only just come out. They were made during confinement to remove employees from the lay-off regime.

The masks in question can be washed and have a usage time of at least one year. Now, other textiles with the same characteristics, such as sheets, are being studied.

Link: https://sicnoticias.pt/especiais/coronavirus/2020-07-24-Portugal-cria-mascara-que-inativa-o-coronavirus-uma-inovacao-a-nivel-mundial