Portugal enters the top 10 most attractive places for foreign investment


The EY Attractiveness Survey Portugal 2021 reveals that 37% of respondents plan to invest in Portugal or expand the activity they already have, and half consider that the country's attractiveness will increase.

The year was pandemic, but Portugal managed to enter the Top 10 most attractive European economies for foreign investment. This is one of the conclusions of the EY Attractiveness Survey Portugal 2021, which evaluates every year the perception of foreign investors on how attractive the country is at this level. Covid-19 resulted in a drop in the number of investments raised (four less than the previous year), but the future outlook is positive as 37% of respondents plan to create or expand their operations in Portugal.

France continues to be the most attractive European economy for foreign investment, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain that remained in the same positions compared to 2019, but all with a drop in the number of new projects. The pandemic translated into a 13% drop in FDI projects in Europe - Spain was the most affected (-27%), but in Portugal the drop was 3%. Turkey and Poland were the countries in the Top 10 that increased the investments received (18% and 10%, respectively).

Of the 154 FDI projects that Portugal attracted in 2020, 113 were new and the remaining 41 (27%) represent an expansion of existing projects. These investments translated into the creation of more than 8,900 jobs, 57% of which were associated with new projects.

Source: ECO.SAPO