Renewable and hydrogen energy in SEMIEXPO Russia 2021


On October 19 - 20, 2021, the Expocentre Fairgrounds will host the International Exhibition and Conference on Technologies, Standards and Equipment in the Field of Microelectronics SEMIEXPO Russia 2021.

Given the importance of the project's topics for the country's innovative development, this year SEMIEXPO Russia 2021 will become part of the Russian Industrial Week - a large-scale event that brings together several key industry shows.

Renewable and hydrogen energy is among the topical topics on the industry agenda today, covered at the exhibition and forum. Cooperation in this area at the international level will be discussed not only by leading Russian experts and business representatives, but also by international guests who will come to Moscow in the format of a business delegation. Hydrogen strategy, climate change, regulatory policy, infrastructure, equipment and materials, and much more.

Among the discussed topics are:

  • Why Hydrogen (environments, climate, clean industry, etc.)?
  • Cooperation between Germany and Russia?
  • Infrastructure for Hydrogen production, transportation, application
  • Equipment for this industry, how can we support it?
  • Semiconductors for Hydrogen infrastructure
  • Funds for projects in this field

All this awaits the participants of the business program, which will be held at the SEMIEXPO Russia site this year. The event will be free for specialists who have registered in advance on the website:

Partners and organizers of the forum: BusinessMediaRasha LLC, RAMEMS, Silicon Saxony, Wirtschaftsfoerderung Sachsen.