Representatives from 30 countries come to Russia to participate in Innoprom exhibition


The Russian main industrial forum, Innoprom, takes place in Ekaterinburg on 4-7 July.

New opportunities for industrial transition, investment in industry, modernisation of the transport industry, and import substitution are the main topics of this year. Kazakhstan has partnered with Innoprom for the first time this year.

Delegations from Belarus and friendly states from Central Asia, Africa and Latin America, as well as ones from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Austria are the main participants. 

About 500 companies from all over the world and more than 60 Russian regions will showcase their cutting-edge technologies and innovations. A hydrogen car, flying robots for repairing power lines, an electric bus and other machines of the future are among the main domestic premieres at the exhibition.

Source: Vladimir Iaroshevskii