Russia, one of the largest economies in the world!


The Chamber of Commerce and Portuguese Industry published an article about the Russian market. Offering an overview of the geography and knowing the relations it has maintained with Portugal.

In this article you have access to diversified information about the largest country in the world in territorial terms - with a geostrategic position worldwide, of the most relevant, given its transcontinentality that connects Europe to Asia -, a market of about 146 million consumers, potentially one of the countries richer in natural resources, namely energy, one of the most important exporters of metals such as gold, steel and aluminum, and a remarkable economic performance over the past decades, are some of the factors that translate Russia's significant weight in the economy and trade worldwide.

In the article you can find more detailed information about Russia.

There are also relevant topics such as:

  • Risks and opportunities

  • Commercial relations with Portugal and exporter potential

  • Fact box from Russia

  • How to do business in Russia

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