Russian diplomatic mission in Lisbon


On September 10, 2020 in front of the Russian diplomatic mission in Lisbon, the demonstration organized by Belarusians residing in Portugal took place, with the approval of the municipal authorities, to express their support for the indisputable right of the people of Belarus to decide their political destiny independently and freely from their state.

Attentive to the appeals of the protesters, Ambassador Mikhail Kamynin went to meet them, and he was given the letter from the Association of Belarusians in the Portuguese Republic with the state's assessments and perspectives of our bilateral relations.

The head of the mission reaffirmed and clarified in detail Moscow's uncompromising position that it would in no way accept any attempts to interfere in Sister Belarus's internal affairs by anyone. He also spoke about certain aspects of the functioning of the Union-State of Russia and Belarus, of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The discussion came to be generally productive, despite the emotional attempts of a Russian citizen to change the course of the conversation for the Navalny case. The Ambassador gave a short comment on this topic.