Services of Glow Counting with discount for CCILR members


Dear member of CCILR Chamber of Commerce and Industry Luso-Russian, allow us to make known to the Hon.

Members of the Chamber of our company, so we would like to share with you some information about our activity as follows:

Founded in 2012, Glow Counting is a 100% Portuguese-owned company specialized in carrying out quantity and quality inspections of all types of export and import goods.

Glow Counting is represented in 42 countries across continents.

The advantages and benefits of using our services are to guarantee impartially that your product / merchandise is within the technical specifications required by your customer or supplier, and thus avoid financial or legal conflicts of interest for non-compliance in the process.

This guarantee is given by our inspectors through:

  • Quantity and quality control;
  • Quality of product packaging;
  • Packaging of the product in the transport unit;
  • Identify defects / damage / malfunctions before shipment;
  • Follow all requirements requested by the customer;
  • Ensure destination country requirements;
  • Document control;
  • Photo report;
  • Container sealing with our own seal;
  • Issuance Certificate of Inspection.

With these procedures, we guarantee, at a competitive cost, the guarantee of certified information for any legal or other conflicts.

To contribute to the success of the members of this Chamber, Glow Counting will apply a 20% discount on the tariff for our services.

I would also remind you that we have an integrated service offer, that is, control from the order to the supplier until delivery to the final facilities (pre-shipment, transport control, warehouse, customs clearance, delivery), as well as consultancy services for logistic solutions considering the high know-how of its employees in this area.

Together we send the company's flyer in Portuguese and Russian.

We are available for any further help or clarification.