The Future of the World Ocean: The Economy and Environmental Issues


Online discussion The future of the World ocean: the economy and environmental issues  

   The online discussion on the environmental threats to the World Ocean will feature Philippe Cousteau Jr., scientist, journalist, and grandson of the famous French researcher and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau, as well as other international experts. The event was held on 8 June 2020 in honour of World Oceans Day. The session was organized by the Roscongress Foundation with the support of United Shipbuilding Corporation. The online discussion can be reviewed here

   "The World Ocean is a prime source of growth for the global economy; it is a treasure of natural resources quite comparable to those of Earth surface resources. Russia is traditionally among the leading maritime powers that play an active role in research, reclamation and use of the World Ocean. Protection and care for the World Ocean resources is the prime objective to ensure the future of our entire civilization. Unfailing compliance with all signed international agreements and standards, coordination and consolidation of measures directed to preservation of the key source of life on our planet should be an unwavering priority for all states that have a part in development and use of World Ocean resources", noted Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Anton Kobyakov.

Speakers discussed how the current state of the World Ocean affects the Earth’s †health,’ evaluate preservation and rehabilitation measures, discuss the environmental effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and consider the potential of efforts to reduce damage on a global scale.

The online session will be moderated by Philippe Cousteau Jr., and will include the participation of:

  • Pascal Lamy, Paris Peace Forum President;
  • Cristina Mittermeier, photographer and biologist;
  • Alexei Rakhmanov, United Shipbuilding Corporation President;
  • Vyacheslav Fetisov, legendary hockey player;
  • José Marí­a Figueres, Former President of the Republic of Costa Rica (1994вЂ"1998);
  • Lewis Pugh, extreme sport athlete;
  • Kristina Gjerde, Senior High Seas Advisor to the Global Marine;