The World Energy Congress


The World Energy Congress will be held from 24 to 27 October 2022 in St. Petersburg.

The World Energy Congress is the World Energy Council's flagship global event and an authoritative platform for discussing all aspects of the international energy agenda. As the world's leading energy forum, the Congress grants participants the unique opportunity to improve their understanding of energy problems and solutions on a global scale: from determining the future of energy policy to successfully transitioning to new sources of energy worldwide.

Every three years, the World Energy Congress brings strategists from around the world together in one place and holds bilateral meetings where executives from the world's largest energy companies, international energy sector leaders, ministry and agency officials, experts and scientists, heads of public and intergovernmental organizations, members of the business community, and media representatives from over 150 countries discuss the energy sector's most pressing issues.

The 25th World Energy Congress theme - Energy for Humanity.

The St Petersburg Congress and associated events will focus on examining practical tools and realistic approaches to keeping the future of energy open to new and better possibilities that are crucial to a sustainable future for all.

The Congress is preceded by two years of energised «Road to Congress» virtual events to explore the theme of Energy for Humanity.