Third Russia-Portugal Business Forum "Innovation: New opportunities and challenges"


Third Russia-Portugal Business Forum "Innovation: New opportunities and challenges" took place on the 3rd of December 2020 online, organised annually with initiative of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Portuguese Republic and jointly with CCILR Luso-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

According to established tradition, the Forum was held during the days of "Web Summit", the biggest IT conference in Europe, which allowed to attract to participate in Forum additional global audience from innovative startups.

Opening the Forum, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Portugal Mr. M.Kamynin expressed his certainty that crisis events of year 2020, with which businessmen of both countries were faced due to pandemia, will become not an obstacle, but an incentive for appearance of perspective and unique high-tech projects, solutions and developments.

Attention of Third Russia-Portugal Business Forum was focused on discussion of possible scenarios and tendencies of development of bilateral cooperation in areas of high technologies during post-covid reality taking in to consideration adaptation to business management. Businessmen of various areas continued direct dialogue in such priority spheres as renewable energy, shipbuilding, regional cooperation.

Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Portugal Mr. M.Kamynin opened the Forum with welcoming speech, as well as President of CCILR Luso-Russian chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. B.Cota. B.Cota mentioned it was a year of consolidation of relationships between both countries and expressed a hope that the following year there will be positive perspective for joint projects with objective to increase trade balance between two countries.

Forum was divided into four sessions. In business section the following representatives of Russian companies and entities were present: Skolkovo Foundation - S.Khodakov, Director of IT Cluster; Moscow Export Center - V.Mishchenko, Head of Goods and Service Export Department: Russian Venture Company - A.Oganesyan, International Projects Lead; SEZ Innopolis - V.Galeev, Deputy General Director. From Portuguese side the following speakers were presented: CCIP Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Portugal - P.Magalhaes, Director of International relationships; AIP Portuguese Industrial Association - J.Pais, Vice-President; ANI National Agency of Innovation - M.Dourado, Director of International Promotion.

First industrial section was devoted to innovative projects in renewable energy field. From Russian side RAWI Russian Association of Wind Power Industry was represented by its expert R.Denisov, and from Portuguese side APREN Association of Renewable Energy of Portugal was presented by its President P.Jorge.

During next industrial section questions of innovations in shipbuilding were discussed. From Russian side the following speakers took part: NEVA International - A.Vasilchenko, Deputy General director and Krylov State Research Center - A.Naumov, Head of Strategical Development. From Portuguese side AIN Association of Naval Industries was represented by its General Secretary M.Pinho.

Last section was dedicated to regional cooperation. From Russian part Deputy Minister of Investment, Industry and Science of Moscow region shared information regarding business conditions in Moscow region, from Portuguese side A.Ferreira, Director of Invest Madeira shared information about island of Madeira and Region of Algarve was presented by H.Nascimento, Executive Director of Association of Tourism of Algarve.

During Forum CCILR Luso-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and RAWI Russian Association of Wind Power energy has signed a cooperation agreement.

CCILR would like to express its gratitude for informational support to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Portugal, CCIP, AIP, NC CEPLA, Skolkovo, RVC, MEC, Roscongress, NEVA, AICEP, Invest Madeira, APREN, AIN, ANI and other partners. CCILR  also expresses its gratitude to company Garvetur, member of CCILR, for their support of Forum.