European Union invests 416 million to acquire vaccines from Novavax and Valneva


With this investment in European funds for vaccination, the European Union can raise the number of vaccines available to eight.

The Director-General of Health of the European Commission, Sandra Gallina, announced that 750 million euros from Member States will be added to the Community funds dedicated to vaccination, which have a total of 2,700 million euros.

Of the 750 million euros, 333 million euros have already been used in recent years, making 416 million euros available to invest in the purchase of "two other vaccines", which will be from Valneva and Novavax.

After a week in which the European Union discussed the delays in vaccines developed by the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca in distribution to European countries in the first quarter of 2021, Sandra Gallina defended the system that is being used by the European Commission to reserve drugs from several laboratories, before verify which vaccines are most effective against covid-19.