Webinar: “Accounting and Incorporation of a company in Portugal"


The CCILR - Luso-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and one of the members Finpartner company are hosting a webinar on the topic "Accounting and Incorporation of a company in Portugal".

The event will take place online on Thursday, May 20th at 14:00 pm (GMT, Lisbon time) / 16:00 pm (GMT +3, Moscow time) with a duration of 60 minutes.

To register, please follow the link: https://app.livewebinar.com/230-073-590/2fc00cc70fd10a10a74cd48961bcf0cf 

The Webinar will include the following Key Speakers:

  • General Secretary of CCILR, Svetlana Bilous;
  • Accounting assistant of Finpartner, Ana Filipa Sa;
  • Associate of Finpartner, Caiado Guerreiro.

Representatives of Finpartner will share information regarding relevant issues of Portuguese accounting and crucial steps while process of incorporation of company in Portugal and other useful information.

Join us today!