Обращение посла Португалии в России

I congratulate the CCILR Chamber of Commerce and Industry Luso-Russian, its members and governing bodies, and specially Mr. Bruno Cota, for timely establishment of CCILR, in a year when we celebrate the 240th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Portugal and Russia. More specifically, its creation and legal registration on May 9, the Victory Day, major holiday in Russia, which is certainly a lucky sign which brings many victories that I hope CCILR achieves within economic and commercial areas of the relations between our two countries.

I do not reveal a secret when I say that the CCILR solves to a large extent my concern, which I believe is shared by my Russian counterpart, that is to ensure that companies from two countries could meet and associate around representative organizations of national scope and jurisdiction, i.e., according to the best national and international practices and canons. From Portuguese side there was a lack of Chamber of Commerce and Industry connected with Russia that could be incorporated into the large family of Portuguese CCIs operating in various countries and have a legal basis in our country; which was solved with creation of CCILR, when transparency and security is ensured, as well as a clearer link to public interest, naturally respecting CCIs' own competences.

I hope CCILR actively contributes to bringing together entrepreneurs and companies from both countries, helping to identify and explore mutually beneficial business opportunities, strengthening mutual knowledge of the business environment and climate, both in Russian and Portuguese markets with high potential. What is more, also in third markets where companies from both countries can act in partnership, such as in Africa, Latin America or Asia. I also expect that the CCILR and its Russian counterpart are able to contribute together to the development and success of business component of the Joint Economic Commission between Portugal and Russia, co-chaired by the two Ministers in charge of the Economy.

Naturally, the Portuguese Embassy in Moscow will support, to the best of its ability and whenever appropriate, CCILR's activities with the major objective of strengthening economic, trade and investment links between our two countries.

Moscow, October 21, 2019

Paulo Vizeu Pinheiro

Ambassador of Portugal in Moscow