Support of foreign company registration in Portugal

Companies looking to register in Portugal could need our help. However, the process can be complex and could take some time. CCILR offers an attractive support for those who want to be in Portugal.

When you work with us, we'll use our Portugal knowledge as your advantage. While registering up in Portugal on your own can take months, we'll reduce the process to get you up and running quickly.

How to Set Up in Portugal

Portugal generally encourages foreign investors, and the incorporation process is similar to the process of incorporating a local business. As you consider a move to Portugal, you should examine several business factors that could impact your decision such as your type of business, industry, the nationality of your headquarters, and more. 

Location and language are two crucial factors to consider. Separate cities and regions may have different costs and availabilities. 

Most subsidiaries incorporate as either private or public limited liability companies. The steps for our support include:

  • Register your company name at the National Registry of Collective Entities;
  • Open a bank account in Portugal;
  • Obtain a Certificate of Registration;
  • Register employees;
  • Notify the Labor Inspectorate;
  • Register for insurance.

Benefits of Setting Up in Portugal with CCILR

Once you set up, your company is ready to set up a payroll, hire employees, and create a Portugal benefit management plan. You'll discover numerous benefits as a limited liability company. The limited liability protects the parent company from any losses or litigation, and the subsidiary can operate under its own management structure.

CCILR is a supporter that will help your company establish in Portugal even faster. Instead of going through the setup process alone, we'll have employees working for you in a matter of days.

Keep in mind that if you decide to incorporate by yourself instead of contacting us, any missteps could result in fines, penalties, or increased setup time.